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Penner Legacy 5:1

LAST TIME: Troy was declared heir, and her sisters were kicked out of the legacy abode. Her betrothed, Jacques, had dubious eyebrows. Troy gave birth to the first boy in three generations, Leo. Courtney caught on fire and survived only to die of old age a few days later, after which Death had a pillow fight with Troy.

Let's start off with Troy tossing her cookies in announcement of Baby #2!

Jacques continues to be a pussy.

I say this because he was afraid of the dark despite having a light directly above him and glowing flame fruits directly below him. It really couldn't have been less dark out there.

This is the baby-sitter. He likes to nom nom nom nom babies.

I was very confused by Troy's latest sculpture.

Until she turned it around. And then I was very terrified.


Leo spent so much time playing with the xylophone that he actually started to make a melody. Color me impressed.

The novelty of Sims giving birth at the hospital has worn off, so Troy gets a good old-fashioned home birth.

Ho hum, it's a girl. Her name is Georgia, and she is a virtuoso who loves the outdoors.

Elsewhere, Leo grows up into the most hilarious transition outfit ever. I couldn't remember ever seeing this shirt before, and then I realized it was because I hadn't had a boy in the house since before I got Generations.

Looking a lot like his mother. And by a lot, I mean exactly. He rolled Hates the Outdoors for his third trait.

Leo is the first child of the legacy to ask for a bedtime story. Why it has to be in his mother's bed, I couldn't tell you.

Georgia cries. A lot.

Possibly because her parents are too busy trying to make another baby to pay attention to the one they already have.

Georgia grows up, and has the derp.


No really. She is so cute I just may die.

Leo tries science, and fails.

What in the bloody fuck.

Whenever I don't give Jacques something to do, he goes down to Troy's studio and dances. Troy doesn't seem to be as amused by this as I am.

Why are all my maids so creepy?!

Continuing to be the opposite of her brother, Georgia seems to be a duplicate of her dad. Due to her difficult upbringing (psssssh), she rolled Rebellious.

Leo: So, what do you think of Mom?

Georgia: She makes the world go round, and she'll probably blow it up someday. But that's cool. I hate the world anyway.

Leo decided he wants to be an astronaut. Even though he hates the outdoors. And I can't think of anything more outdoors than OUTER SPACE, but whatever.

The first three wishes Georgia rolled as a child were related to fishing.

She even watches the fishing channel before school in the morning.

Georgia: Fishing is my life. If you don't like fishing, we can't be friends. Just thought I'd warn you right now.


Georgia: Wait... what do you mean, beer-battered?

Why yes, that is a fishing book that Jacques is reading to Georgia as a bedtime story.

See what I mean? CREEEEEEEEPY.

Leo has a birthday and rolls workaholic. Looking very much like his mother and grandfather now.

I'd had Troy and Jacques try for a baby every day—sometimes twice a day—since Georgia was born, and even gave Troy the fertility treatment perk, but she seemed barren. UNTIL NOW! Finally, Baby #3 is on the way! I have never been so happy to see a Sim puke in my life.

Troy and Jacques were both excited about all of the pregnancies. It was sweet to see after Courtney's anti-baby attitude.

Maybe it was the realization that she was starting to resemble the elephant she was sculpting that triggered Troy's labor.

It's a boy! Vincent, neurotic and absent-minded.

And it's... another boy. Claude, neurotic and grumpy.

And... it's... another boy oh my god. Jackson, a friendly slob.

Well. I said I wanted boys. Lesson learned: be careful what you wish for.

The next couple of days was a constant assembly line of feeding, diapering, and snuggling... and not much else.

Georgia's LTW. I guess she's finally come to terms with the fact that fish can be food as well as friends.

Leo breaks the dishwasher...

...and Troy immediately rolls this wish. Because clearly the answer to all of life's problems is: BLOW IT UP.

You know, Georgia, 97% of the house is clean and dry, but if you want to play in the 3% that's flooded and full of dirty dishes, be my guest.

Leo's going to be the best astronaut ever, don't you think?



I suppose this was my fault for putting the ottoman so close to the fireplace. But still. They're not in their new house for twenty-four hours and there's a fire. Sigh.

Leo's a genius, so fixing a laptop should be a piece of cake, right?


Georgia wanted to get the Baker's Half Dozen stand, so I had her bake a bunch of cookies and muffins to sell.

Unfortunately, it was a complete bust. I realized then that townies don't walk by your house nearly as often as they did in S2.

Birthdays were had. Vincent...


And Jackson!

This was the first time I saw a Sim use the costume chest. I may have squeed.

Okay I definitely squeed.

I had the brilliant idea to send Georgia to the bistro to sell her goodies. There's always a crowd of people there, and they're all hungry! And how could anyone possibly resist buying goodies from a princess?

Because they're all assholes, that's how.

The next day, I sent Georgia downtown again for one last try at bakesaling. I spotted a crowd of protestors at city hall, so we set up shop there.

There she was, in her adorable astronaut costume, waiting to sell her out-of-this-world cookies and muffins to all those hungry protestors...

And then I saw their picket signs. Houston, we have a problem.

Vincent and Jackson love their My Imaginary Friend dolls.

Claude just wants to strangle his to death. Such a lovely child.

MOAR BIRTHDAYS! Georgia's first, becoming quite the stunner, as well as a party animal. I figured being rebellious and a party animal called for crazy hair.

Vincent rolled over-emotional...

Claude rolled mean-spirited...

And Jackson rolled unlucky. Don't ask me why they all got such bad traits. They all had a wonderful upbringing, I assure you.


Claude: I'm just going to pretend I don't know you.

Courtney: Hey Jacques, how's it hanging?

Jacques: Uh, uh... good! It's great! Now if you'll excuse me for a moment...

Courtney: Pussy.

Heir poll!